Friday, 29 April 2011

Bremen Bike

I feel like doing a blog post!
I bought this bike in Bremen when we were there in October 2005 for Harvey's birth.  It cost 45 euros which I think at the time was about AUD 75.  Alloy frame with 7-speed Sachs internal rear hub - I rode it everywhere in the 5 weeks we were there, longest ride about 25km.  The photo is taken looking down on the private gardens not far from where Helmy and Perran lived (People who can afford it live in apartments somewhere and come to their gardens for recreation and fruit/vegetables).

I bought the bike from a second-hand stall under one of the bridges across the river.  Seemed a bit dodgy (stolen goods?) but after a quick test ride I knew I had a bargain.
When we left, I disassembled the bike and brought home most of what I could fit in the suitcase, in particular the rear hub and gear-change parts, and the alloy centre-stand which is now on our tandem.

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