Thursday, 9 June 2011

Another Folding Bike

  Another bike story!  I'm now the proud owner of a Strida 5.0 folding bike.  Strida was designed in 1985 by Mark Sanders, an English industrial designer.  They have always been far too expensive for what you get, typically $1000 in Australia in the past for earlier models with 12" wheels.  The Strida 5.0, with 16" wheels, now made in Taiwan, is more easily available here for $799.  I've always loved the design.
  This one is a clone, probably made in China, and doesn't have a brand name or serial number, but all components are identical to the Strida 5.0.  I bought it on eBay for $185, a great addition to the collection. (I don't feel too sorry for Mark Sanders - he sold out to Ming Cycles in Taiwan a few years back).

 (click on pictures to enlarge)

The design innovations include cantilevered wheels (no conventional forks),
disk brakes, belt drive (no greasy chain), with a 7005 aluminium frame, total weight 10kg.
The bottom bar folds up to the seat, the front wheel swings back to overlap the back wheel.

Here you can see the belt and front pulley, the rear disk brake, and the cantilevered wheel.

This shows that it really was built to hold an adult.
The bonus rear rack and mudguards are also visible.

Here it is folded into a neat package that can be wheeled as well as carried.
The pedals and handlebars both fold as well, wheels are "locked" with magnets.

The folded bike in the wheeling position, easy to put on a bus or train.

I don't know if we'd take this bike on a bush track like we have with the black Dahons, but it will be useful when we need a third folder for someone.  Either that or we could hang it on the wall as an ornament, testament to the design ingenuity (just kidding).

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  1. For some reason the shape makes me think of a giraffe...
    We saw a building in Hahndorf with bikes hung on the outside walls of it (Mas took a photo, will post for you)...maybe you can decorate the outside of your house with your collection of bikes. ;)