Saturday, 10 September 2011

View from the Street

Here's a photo taken in 2010 of our front yard.  Apart from the fact that everything has grown unbelievably in twelve months, the interesting bit is that the photo shows me up a ladder leaning against the dead blue gum just left of centre.
(click on photo to enlarge)

  The other interesting thing about this photo is that it was taken by the Google street-view camera.  I was up the ladder lopping branches off the bluegum before cutting it down when I saw the camera vehicle drive past.  I thought "I'll be on Google street-view one day!"
Here's a view from in front of the house - it's a bit clearer/closer.

  Last year, Google ran into trouble for supposedly mapping people's wifi connections, and I thought they had pulled out of updating street-view in Australia, but apparently this has been resolved and I learnt today that the update has been done in the last few months. 
  And there I am.  You can see for yourself on Google maps by looking up Derna Crescent and going into street-view.  lol!

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