Friday, 11 November 2011

Springtime Garden

Further to my post in September "View from the Street", here's some pictures of what the front yard currently looks like:
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This is taken more or less from where the Google Street View camera was.  Where the ladder was is now obscured by the black wattle Doortje planted on the nature strip.

Taken from nearer to the driveway.  There is no bare ground in the front yard and the nature strip is on the way to being covered.

There is a flowering gum and bottlebrushes in flower, and white flowers on the ground cover round the letterbox.

Walking up the driveway, you can see that the "jungle" is almost impenetrable.

The courtyard is now dominated by the camellia against the carport and the white-flowered vine (whose name escapes me) against the brush fence.  The red cordyline will be swamped soon.

In the backyard are more than a dozen new fruit trees that are starting to develop.  In this photo are a fig tree, apple, lemon, a large cumquat that is not new and obscured behind it an apricot.

In this foreground are horseradish and rosemary, then rhubarb and grapevines (4 varieties).  Further back are a lime and peach tree, pepinos with purple flowers and against the fence is comfrey.

This shot shows some of the vegetable beds which contain silver beet, tomatoes, lettuce, garlic, comfrey,  and potatoes have just been planted in the foreground.  The chookyard gate partly conceals a new nectarine tree and against the side fence are an olive tree and fennel.
We replaced the cracked rain gauge with a new one and within an hour it started raining.  We had 48mm that night - great for the garden!

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