Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sacrificial Paragraph

   You may well ask what a "sacrificial paragraph" is!

   The observant among readers of this blog will have noticed that from some time late last year the last paragraph of my posts was being formatted differently from the rest of the post, with different font, font size and/or justification (see the post previous to this as an example).  This was not my doing - it was done by the mysterious hand of Blogger, and there has been nothing I could do to rectify it despite much trying.

   I hit upon the idea of announcing the end of the post with something like "End of Post" and following that with a sacrificial paragraph.  The sacrificial paragraph would act like sacrificial metal or a sacrificial anode which is allowed to rust or degenerate to save the stuff you don't want damaged.  The sacrificial paragraph would have corrupted formatting but the rest of the post would be untouched.

   Unfortunately, that didn't work either!  When I tried it, Blogger did its random thing on the second-last paragraph as well, and I see that some posts have more than one paragraph corrupted, so I abandoned the exercise.

   I wait with bated breath to see what Blogger does with this post.  Does it have intelligence?  Will it now react to me reacting to the formatting interference?

---------End of Post---------------

   This is a sacrificial paragraph.  It is not germaine to the rest of the post, or in this case, is it?  Time alone will tell.  I am perfectly sober!


  1. See!
    Blogger undoubtedly has intelligence.
    The formatting is perfect.
    Or is it because there are no photos, or some equally spurious reason.
    - Rob