Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My Birthday

   For my birthday on Friday, Doortje and I drove down to Sorrento and had lunch on the waterfront at Morgan's.  Very nice food!

   We went across the grass from the restaurant to take this photo, after a bit of practice.  It was a hot day (but cooler in Sorrento than Frankston!) and the water was dead calm.

   On Saturday, we went to Jac and Pat's place for a birthday bash with all the grand kids, Jac and Pat, Helm and Perran, Dan and Monika, Wendy and Jakob, and William.

   Jac made a cake, as she often does.  I was particularly impressed by the feet sticking out of the tent (and the bike and guitar, of course!)

   It was another hot day, and most of us (!) spent a lot of time in the pool.  Here Wendy and Jakob, Sullivan, Millie and Pat are all enjoying themselves.

Grandpa with Perran and Daniel...

 ...and with the ladies, Helmy, Jac and Monika.

   The grandkids presented an original song for the occasion.  This is great because they can spend hours out of sight and mind while they rehearse in secret (just kidding).  From left: Mason, Ronja (behind), Sullivan, Amelia, Theo, Nara and Harvey.

   Here we are about to blow out the candles.  Sully got in first by a mile!

 The onlookers are Pat, Mon, Wendy, Helmy, Jakob and William.

   Ronja also wrote a beaut song for the occasion.  Here she's assisted in the rendition by Mason and Amelia.  I'm thinking that the "tradition" of having original songs for special events has well and truly stuck!

   It was a great day and most of us stayed the night and enjoyed brunch of eggs and bacon on Sunday.  Thanks, Pat!

*     *     *     *     *

   Photos taken by Doortje, except the first one, and she's therefore not featured in those she took.  Also, during the party we had a skype session with Andrew and Sarah in Alice Springs, so they were able to join in to some extent.

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