Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas Celebrations

   Here's a quick rundown of what we did for Christmas this year:

   Jan came to visit us for Christmas.  Here she is admiring the view from the back deck.
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   Here Jan is watching the video of Andrew & Sarah's wedding in Las Vegas.

   On the Thursday that Jan arrived we went to Helmy and Perran's for a meal together before they went to Perran's parents at Metung.  Everyone was there except Andrew and Sarah who were to spend Christmas with Alan and Kim in Darwin.
   On Christmas eve we went with Jan to see Neville and Christine at Chelsea.  Their renovations are done and the house looks great.

   Daniel, Monika and Ronja were our hosts for Christmas day at their new house close to Frankston CBD and beach.  Jan and Jac and Pat with their four kids, were there, along with Wendy and her friend from Sweden, Tess.  

   It seems taken for granted now that Jac brings a cake.  The Christmas cake was in the shape of an igloo.

   The penguins were made by Amelia, Nara and Sullivan, with Jac's help.  The bottom half of the cake was christmas cake and the top half chocolate!

   Everyone pitched in to prepare food.  Pat and Wendy were peeling prawns.

   The theme of the dinner was Swedish and since Monika loves to add cream, she was probably adding cream to the potatoes here.

   Daniel was making garlic butter to add to the snails.  Monika also cooked a ham in the traditional Swedish way, and herring in a potato bake.

   Grandpa's job was to keep out of the way and not drink too much, so Sully, Nara and Amelia were a good diversion.

    Mason playing with his hair wrap before the opening of presents.

   Doortje and I enjoyed the day very much.  After dinner we all walked down to the Frankston beach and the kids plus Pat and Daniel enjoyed jumping off the jetty, Milly for the first time! It was a wonderful day!

This is my last post for 2011.  Best wishes to everyone for 2012.

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