Tuesday, 27 March 2012

More Music

    Doortje and I went with Monika and Ronja (Daniel was in China) on the train to the Mordialloc Jazz and Blues Festival (I think "food" was somewhere in the title there, too).  There was some great food, as well as boutique beer and wine from the Mornington Peninsula.
   The music was varied and entertaining.  There were salsa and latin dancing on a second stage that we were able to take in on trips to the toilets!
    The best music was from Kristina Olsen, a yank singer/composer with a very nice voice.  She plays guitar, squeezebox and sax, and tours with Peter Grayling, cello, and George Butrumlis, accordion.  The musicianship was great, quirky, relaxing, inventive.  There were no drums, which was good because the mixers didn't really want us to hear George!  George Butrumlis (Ex Zydeco Jump) and Peter Grayling have toured with her in Europe and the USA.  I bought the album she had on sale called "All Over Down Under"  and it reflects the set we saw/heard very well.
    The other notable act was the headline of Frankie J. Holden and Wilbur Wilde with rock rhythm section.  They sang and played, with much energy for codgers, songs such as "Vive Las Vegas" (immediately thought of Andrew and Sarah!) and "On the Prowl" of course.  FJH is sixty this year, Wilbur a tad younger!
    On the whole, a great day, complete with free train travel and free entry!

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