Tuesday, 17 April 2012

April Holidays

    April has been a busy month with birthdays, Easter and school holidays.  The Pleass family had three birthdays.  Nara turned seven and we had a get-together at our place.

    The kids put on a concert during which they sang a song they had composed specially for Nara.  Sully was the lighting manager, I think.

Nara thought it was great.  She was tickled pink!

    On the ninth of April, we congratulated Jac, who turned forty.  What an amazing thing, to have had children for forty years!

    Here's the Pleass family photographed for Jac's birthday.

    It was also Sullivan's fifth birthday.  He was very pleased with the Lego present from Nana and Grandpa.

    On Easter Sunday, Neville and Christine invited us to lunch at their place in Chelsea.  We were introduced to quite a few of Christine's relations, including her mother and aunt, and it was a lovely day.  Neville had some of his home-made sausage and prosciutto for us to try, and all the food was fantastic.

    During the school holidays all the grandkids had turns of sleeping over for a day or two at our place.  Here Ronja and Mason are proving the steadiness of their hands.

Success at last!

    An inspired choice of birthday present for me in March from Jac and Pat, called "Shut the Box", was a great hit with everyone from Ronja to Harvey and Nara.  Harvey beat me four times in a row and was therefore a champion.  A game of chance with maths skills required.

    Here Grandpa and Sully are having a game of chess while Nara plays cards with Nana.  All in all, we are having a great autumn, including trips to the beach.

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