Thursday, 23 August 2012


During the past couple of weeks I've been scanning lots of print photos from Doortje's collection of photos albums, to create slide shows we can watch on the TV, and disseminate among the kids etc.  Some of the albums had sticky pages and the photos were glued to them so needed to be rescued.  Many of the old photos were fragments which Doortje had reduced with scissors to fit them in, some as small as 20mm square - they were a challenge to scan, but in most cases the digital image is easier to view, although many are quite blurred.

Below is a selection of photos of Doortje, all taken in Gippsland in the 1960s and earlier, except for the last two, taken in the NT.

 Around two years old so taken about the time Doortje came to Australia in 1949.

 Doortje was seven when this was taken for her first communion in 1954.

 Dutch ribbon in her hair, very fashionable at the time, before hair clips.

 Uniform of St Joseph's convent in Maffra.

Taken at the Tinamba farm with Frank around 1958 or 59.

A bit later than the previous pic, again at Tinamba.

Taken in 1963 or a Year 11 school trip to Brisbane.

The height of winter fashion at the Tinamba farm.

Also taken at Tinamba, around seventeen years old.

In the school uniform of Our Lady of Sion, Sale, in year 12.

Done up to the nines for a nurses' dance in Melbourne around 1967.

 Possibly taken at the new house on the Pearsondale farm around 1967.

Doortje is the wild one in this nurses' graduation photo of 1968.

One of my favourites, taken in Ti Tree in 1978 when I was doing developing and printing.

Had to include myself!  Taken in Alice in 1981 with tripod and timer.


  1. can see Millie in the younger ones and I have party photos of me that look just like the wild one! heh heh

  2. Ti Tree one, just beautiful

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