Tuesday, 19 November 2013

November Diary

Tues 05th  Melbourne Cup Day. Went to Helm and Perran's to break-in the courtyard paving.  Had a "turn" on the way, which affected my speech and fingers and toes.

Sat 09th  Daniel and Monika's 90th birthday.  A wonderful night with a good crowd, ambience and Jac's disco cake.  I was very happy, but knew something was amiss.

Tues 12th  Andrew arrived from Alice Springs for a couple of days, which was a great help for all of us and he was able to replenish his supply of ebooks.

Wed 13th  We went to see my GP who had ordered a brain scan and he gave us the news that I have a brain tumor.  All four kids came for tea that night.

 Thurs 14th  The medication improved things so that when Helmy came we were able to have a game of chess.

 Fri 15th  By the next day I was able to pick up a few tips from Jac on crochet.

Sat 16th  Frank called in with Daniel for a couple of hours and then the Pleass family were here for a happy afternoon.

Sun 17th  We spent the afternoon on the back deck, first time for a long time, with Dan, Mon and Ronja, and Perran, Helmy, Harvey and Theo.

Tues 19th  Melbourne had its summer yesterday and I was forced into my bamboo T-shirt and shorts.  Woo-hoo! 

Wed 20th  After flights from all over the country, John, Alan and Peter spent the afternoon here and we did some reminiscing.  They were on their best behaviour.

 Sun 24th  Pete and Alan were still here.  Dan, Mon and Ronja joined us for lunch, and Ronja entertained the crowd with some beaut guitar playing on her new guitar.

 Sat 30th   Jan just snuck into the end of the month.  She flew over from Port Pirie for a game of  Up and Down the River, and won!

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