Monday, 25 November 2013

Top Twenty Photos 2013

Here's a post I prepared earlier, sort of...  

   These are my favourite photos of all time, as of today, except...

  There are a variety of sources, for example, some have been scanned from slides or prints to make the digital images.  Unfortunately, some of my favourite photos were taken in the period between slides and decent digital images, when my pictures were 640 x 480 with tiny file sizes, simply not conducive to cropping or reproducing.

   Also, the criterion for selection has been that the image must be rendered in 1024 x 576, an ideal size that looks good on my 16:9 television and can also be uploaded and seen readily on the internet, but it means portrait orientations miss out. I have made it harder for myself by not including photos I've already uploaded to the blog or Flickr. The two black and white photos I developed and printed myself.

   The photos represent a big chunk of nostalgia, an appreciation (in my mind) of good scenery, and some great flukes; nevertheless it was not easy selecting only twenty and leaving lots out!

   My favourite photos are landscapes, of places I know and can lose myself in by seeing the photo; and of course, Doortje, and those close to me.  I have not ranked the photos within the twenty, even though they are numbered.  Double click to enlarge photos.


1. Native Grass  Ipolera Creek, NT. 2002.
No words needed.

2. Three Girls  Uluru, NT. 1981.
Oozing casual affection.

3. Ghost Gum  Palm Valley, NT. 2000.
Magnificent flora in ancient environment.

4. Alan  Fannie Bay, NT. 2005.
Action shots are not my forte but this one appeals for lots of reasons.

5. Amelia  Karingal, Vic. 2005.
Newer cameras make this easier, but I never found it easy.

6. School Excursion  Areyonga, NT. 1983.
Scanned from a print.

7. Butcherbird  Marryat River, SA. 2003.
Produces my favourite birdsong. Note the hook!

8. Mason, Explorer  Coolart, Vic. 2003.
  A companion shot shows the door closed before Mason's arrival.

9. Mt Sonder  Tyler's Pass, NT. 2004.
  My favourite mountain by far, and I always loved to be anywhere within coo-ee.
More or less visible over the back fence at Ipolera.

10. Gavin. Knock-off Time Glenrose Vic 1981
.  I had a framed poster 900x600mm made from the slide at the time and it still hangs on the wall in Maffra.

11. Brumbies  Ipolera, NT. 2005.
  Herman Malbunka's pride and joy, caught in the sun.

12. Stuart Highway  North of Coober Pedy, SA 1985.
  The  bus reminds me of we passengers pushing the Greyhound (Redline) bus out of a bog in 1968 not that far from here.

13. Gibbers  near Indulkana, SA. 2004.
  I can kid myself this is like a dot painting.

14. Mt Gillen, Alice Springs NT. 1981.
  Taken at Anzac Hill on Jac's first communion day.
Developed and printed in the laundry.

15. Contemplation  Standley Chasm, NT. 2000.
Doortje loves to commune with nature.

 16. Overnight Camp  near Lake Boomerang, SA. 2006.
  Not a great photo but very evocative for me.
 I never got tired of driving between Port Augusta and Alice.

 17. In the Shit  Glenrose, Vic. 1981.
  Now that's candid! Andrew's amusement not guaranteed.

18. Uluru  Uluru, NT. 2010.
  So many photos to choose from with this subject. Tempted to filter, but no.

19. Ronja  Frankston South, Vic. 2003.
 If you take a single shot and get this, something's going on!

20. Love Birds Alice Springs, NT. 1981.
A controlled shot with tripod and timer and a couple of goes.
It can get us teary though!!

*     *     *     *     *

Some dates are approximate. No animals were harmed, etc...
Coming next... My favourite square photos (just kidding!)

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  1. In the Shit, lol, Lovebirds, beautiful, all of them great moments in time.