Saturday, 14 May 2011

40 Years Celebration

  On 8th May fifteen off us congregated at La Bel' Amici on Beach Street to celebrate the 40th wedding of Rob and Doortje, and as a bonus, Mothers' Day as well.
The restaurant specialised in pizza and pasta and the table looked like this with 8 adults and 7 grandkids tucking in:                                        (click on photos to enlarge)

The pizzas were excellent:

The kids enjoyed the party, with lots to eat and drink:

After gorging ourselves, we adjourned to Derna Crescent to cut the fabtastic cake that Jac made.  It featured a little mountain devil that Jac made completely from edible stuff, and gumleaves with the names of the whole extended family (inc Andrew and Sarah who couldn't be here) and a quote from my mountain devil song:

We sang a verse or three of "Little Mountain Devil" before cutting the cake:

Nara was very keen to help cut the cake:

We had a great day and got just a little bit emotional!  Then to top it off, John and Sue were in Melbourne and we had a great lunch together the next day at Montalto Winery on the Peninsula.  If our 50th wedding anniversary is as good, we'll be very happy!

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