Tuesday, 10 May 2011

South Aussie Visitors

(Unfortunately, blog entries are in chronological order, rather than their contents).
At the end of April, Jan came to Melbourne, and then Cameron and Trent and his family came to Frankston for a couple of days.
On Easter Sunday we took Jan to the Botanical Gardens in Frankston for lunch and Easter egg hunt, along with Dan, Mon, Ronja, Jac, Pat, Mason, Millie, Nara, Sully, Helmy, Perran, Harvey and Theo.

Then on the 26th, two of Lester's boys, Cameron and Trent came for tea with Trent's wife, Shylie, and four kids, Jonah, Lataiya, Bowen and Loklan.
Here are Lataiya and Shylie with Loklan on the back deck.
On the 28th they all came back to pick up Jan for the drive back to SA.  I was impressed with Cameron's campervan, which is a 1977 VW LT35 - it would be very rare in Australia.
From left:  Bowen, Jan, Lataiya with Loklan, Trent, Cameron, and Jonah and Shylie behind.

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