Thursday, 19 May 2011

Road Rules

This post is entirely for my own interest - and ongoing as I think of things to add.  Any help would be appreciated.

21st Century Road Rules
(as amended to suit current conditions)

1.  Merging onto a freeway requires the expectation that cars already on the freeway will get out of the way.
2.  Texting and/or phone use are mandatory in all situations.
3.  All vehicles on a freeway should travel at the same speed; in particular, vehicles in the overtaking lanes should take care not to overtake anything.
4.  Vehicles turning left into a carriageway should wait until there is oncoming traffic on the right before making the turn.
5.  Drivers entering a freeway should immediately cross into the middle lane;  using the left-side lane is not acceptable.
6.  With traffic lights, a yellow caution light is always a signal to accelerate.
7.  Drivers should take care to always stop at a roundabout, especially if it is deserted.  Alternatively, drivers can speed through without looking left or right.
8.  Drivers turning left should never give way to pedestrians;  drivers should never give way to anything unless they might otherwise die - even then giving way is still not recommended.
9.  Speed limit signs mean slow to the speed of the vehicle in front, unless there is an opportunity to overtake.
10.  Drivers should accept that there is nothing that need slow or impede their progress, in particular double lines painted on the roadway, or school crossings.
11.  If drivers choose to use turn indicators, they should wait until actually making the turn before doing so.  As a general rule, brake lights should always come on before turn indicators.

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  1. 12. Drivers should always flash the headlights to indicate to oncoming drivers the presence of road traffic authorities or police.